All Dogs Go To Party

The four-legged love parties too!  Being a chihuahua owner and therefore the host of a few dog parties, I know first-hand the joy and excitement of this event for guests… and their owners! Dog bowls work well as serving dishes for doggy treats and dog-themed wrapping paper is perfect for party hats and a table runner. Think about treating owners to a cake in the shape of a dog bone, fire hydrant, or doghouse.  And, don’t forget the color coordinated leashes and bow ties for guests to play dress up upon arrival… plus they double as noteworthy favors!


Photos:  Amy Atlas

The Launch Box

Sorry for our lack of posting lately but we have been busy launching our secret new project!   j.Lillian has teamed up with Jamie Lee Design Agency for what we have entitled THE LAUNCH BOX… a one-stop strategic design shop for entrepreneurs, nonprofit organizations and ultra-small businesses!  It’s a “look-great-and-grow-smart” concept that offers fabulous branding strategy, logo design, website design, business consulting (i.e. what we like to call worksessions), and marketing collateral at attainable price points! Whether you have already started a new business, just thinking about it, or your established business has a new project, we can help you launch it!  You can found out more information and the specifics at the new site,!

The Spud Party

A Spud Bar is a fun and filling concept for a game night, sports night or birthday gathering!  Use heated cast iron and grill pans to go from oven/grill straight to the table.  Showcase many versions of potato bliss… fries, wedges, skins, baked, twice baked, mashed, tots!  Spice up the ketchup, sour cream, mustard, and other dipping sauces and even think about including bleu cheese crumbles and ranch dressing beside your bacon, jalapeno, chives and cheese toppers.  With the anchor of the main course plus selections of bottled beer, this bar is the finishing touch.

Planning a casual event?  Anchor the bar with hamburgers and hotdogs and display idea cards around the table detailing creative ways to compile a mouthwatering burger or hotdog.  Want the main course more substantial?  Throw steaks on the grill for a classic meat and potatoes!


Full post on Somewhere Splendid.  Images from Tinywater Photography.

If the Tote Fits

Eager to get out and enjoy the spring to summer transition?!  Plan a ladies’ luncheon at a trendy restaurant and surprise each of your friends with this splendid tote, a perfect fit for the occasion.  Why not extend the day and follow lunch with a trip to locally owned boutiques to fill the totes with all types of goodies! These little gems are made by sisters Angie and Amy at White Washed Comfort. A fun gift idea for friends or yourself, especially if you’re headed to the beach! They are made from natural jute + cotton with functional carrying handles plus an inside pocket and drawstrings on each side… such cute details. If the tote fits, carry it!





Perfect Summer Guest

Warm, gooey, delish!  As we draw closer to the summer event season, our team is always excited to be inspired by new ways to experience traditional tastes.  And a chocolate chip, pecan cookie deep dish is perfect!  Chocolate cookies are such a staple so when you add pecans and convert it to a deep dish, it cements it’s timeless appeal.  Most prepared cookie doughs will work or, if you prefer to make it from scratch, we have included a link to the Browned Butter Pecan Chocolate Chunk recipe from 6 Buttersweets. Add a scoop of ice cream… and it’s the perfect summer guest at any birthday or dinner party!

Browned Butter Chocolate Pecan Pizzookie

Messy Bite